COBB AccessPORT for the 2013 MAZDASPEED3, WM Axela and MPS

COBB is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 2013 USDM MAZDASPEED3 AccessPORT support! In addition to 2013 US models, we’ve also added Mexican and Japanese MAZDASPEED/Axela/MPS ROM support so more people can enjoy the simple plug and play power of the AccessPORT.

The 2013 US MAZDASPEED3 support includes our full array of Off The Shelf (OTS) maps for a variety of intakes and other common modifications. We have also updated the World Market maps to optimize fueling in all conditions and performance can now be monitored in the fully functional Dyno, ¼ mile, and 0-60 performance metrics.

AccessTUNER has also been updated with new vehicle support and added tuning tables. Load tuning strategy table updates include Engine Volumetric Efficiency (VE) – VVT Comp. (BETA), Load Target Comp – High RPM (BETA), and Load Target Comp – Injector Base Offset (BETA). More information on these tables is available in the revised tuning guide.

All of these updates are also available on existing AP-MAZ-002 AccessPORTs by completing a simple firmware update using AP Manager. Start your 2013 modification process with the best tuning available in the AccessPORT, available from your local COBB dealer or directly from us at

Source: COBB Tuning Blog