Table of codes and values in service mode

As I wrote in last article I put a table with codes and their values and meanings, which I created based on my observations:

code value action comments
08 oFF no data
12 oo speedometer test pointer to max, next to 60 mph (100 kph)
13 oo engine tachometer test pointer to max, next to 3 krpm
14 on (blinks) buzzer test on - buzzer on, off - buzzer off
16 on (blinks) reserve indicator test on - reserve indicator is on, off - reserve indicator off
22 47 (number) no data
23 oo fuel gauge test pointer to F(ull), next to half of scale, next to E(mpty)
25 oo coolant temperature gauge test pointer to H(ot), next to half of scale, next to C(ool)
88 888 test all controls and indicators all controls are turned on
50 d15 0 (number) fuel consumption correction INFO button changes correction in range from -10% to +10%
51 d15 28.1 (number) fuel level indication I don't know unit
55 oFF no data
60 d15 A (b, c, d) fuel consumption unit INFO changes setting: A - l/100km (EU), b - l/100miles (UK), c - mpg (USA - miles per galon), d - ?
63 on (blinks) no data