How to change temperature unit in Mazdaspeed3

Mazdaspeed3 with automatic air conditioning has external temperature sensor. To change the inside/outside indication on the display, you need to press the AMB button placed on the panel next to the rear window heating switch. As far as I know, this button is only available with automatic air conditioning, so in the manual you won't be able to find it. My car was imported from the U.S. and by default displays the temperature in Fahrenheit degrees. However, this can be changed and it is even described in the manual. Just do the following:

  1. Put a key in ignision and turn to first position
  2. Simultaneously press the Power/Volume button on the radio and MEDIA (rightmost source selection button) and hold for 5 seconds
  3. Temperature unit will be changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius (or vice versa)

Repeat the sequence to restore previous unit.