Car battery replacement with Julia ;)

Few months ago I replaced battery in my Mazdaspeed3. I bought VARTA Blue Dynamic D47 which fits perfectly. Some technical data below.
Article no.: 560 410 054 313 2
Parameters: 12 V / 60 Ah / 540 A
Dimensions: 232x175x225 mm
Battery replacement is not a rocket science, so I did not need guide, but my friend found this, I think you like it ;)

Summer setup for 2013

At the end of 2012 I bought a new set of rims for my Mazdaspeed. They were laying in the garage and waiting for spring to replace a set of winter wheels. I would not like to wear summer tires for new rims earlier, because I want to shift tires pressure sensors to new rims and then wear summer tires. So I went to the tire service for replace wheels, and by the way I cleaned brake calipers, replaced valves in the tire pressure sensors, and the old rims commited to the restoration. How do you like my MPS with new set of rims? ;)

Repair of tire pressure sensor

My Mazdaspeed is equipped with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). When the pressure in any wheel differs from specified standard, the indicator light is shown on dashboard. This usually happens when pressure decreases due to a hole in the tire, leaky valve or damaged rim. Good practice is to check pressure in wheels from time to time regardless of TPMS sensors, but when the indicator lights up on dashboard, it should be done as soon as posible, even if you do not see any loss.

What I found in my subwoofer

From time to time I heard a sound, something like a screw rolling in the right side of the cab. I thought that this might be under the upholstery in the door and I planned to remove it and check. But before that, I decided to hear closer from where sounds are coming, and my suspicion was directed to the BOSE subwoofer which is mounted under the passenger seat. After removing the seat, speaker cover and removing the speaker, I found two 2 zł coins in the resonance cavity.

Brake replacement - discs, pads, painting of calipers

Due to the fact that the discs and pads on my Mazda was not in good condition, I decided to replace the entire set of brakes and the opportunity to paint calipers. Because I do not know any garage that would do it properly and comprehensively for reasonable money, I decided to do it by myself. After consulting with other MPS owners I bought Hawk HPS pads kit and OEM discs (the same as Mazda's authorized service use). I used paint in spray, which I bought in the paint store, said to be tested and resistant to temperature.

Mazdaspeed3 Hooning - the beginning

This is one of my first videos directed and edited by me, so be tolerant ;)
I mixed up different views, effects, motions and so on.

AccessPORT - flashing map in ECU

After installation of COBB AccessPORT, you can change map in ECU. You need to connect device to OBD II port and choose Performance menu with use of up/down buttons, then press OK button to enter. Now you can select appropriate map and press OK to read description. At this point you can still witdhdraw by pressing Cancel. If you press OK selected map will be uploaded to ECU.

Installation of the AccessPORT in DSHV

December 7th I received a package with COBB AccessPORT. With great curiosity I began to unpack the box labeled AP-MAZ-002, which means it is designed for Mazdaspeed3 (2007-2011) and Mazdaspeed6 (2006-2007). Inside it was a little smaller, elegant blue box, which contained the AccessPORT device, cable with OBD II connector (to ECU), USB cable, installation instructions and a sticker COBB Tuning. Instruction consists of several pages and only shows where to find the OBD II connector.


Why tune a car that has a FWD and 260 HP under the hood? The answer is simple: because you can;)
So, after reading several reviews and consultation with colleagues, I decided to buy AccessPORT from COBB Tuning. COBB company is well known especially in the U.S. market, because sells hardware and software to improve performance of some Japanese and German car brands put on the U.S. market.

Economy and ergonomy - Mazdaspeed3 on the road

Mazdaspeed3 is a hot-hatch, so you should not expect low fuel consumption. On the highway, with cruise control, I lowered fuel consumption to 9.5 l/100km (25 mpg). In the city my Mazdaspeed3 consumes about 13 l/100km (18 mpg). Now someone will say: "phi, my diesel consumes 4.5 (52 mpg) on highway and 7 (33 mpg) in the city". OK, feel free, but remember one thing: hot-hatch is not for cost-effectivity! ;)