Why tune a car that has a FWD and 260 HP under the hood? The answer is simple: because you can;)
So, after reading several reviews and consultation with colleagues, I decided to buy AccessPORT from COBB Tuning. COBB company is well known especially in the U.S. market, because sells hardware and software to improve performance of some Japanese and German car brands put on the U.S. market.
In 1999, Trey Cobb founded COBB Tuning to provide high performance components and services to the Subaru aftermarket. At the time, the words "Subaru" and "performance" were not something very many people in North America would ever consider using in the same sentence. Add the fact that the business was started with hardly any working capital, no outside investment, and operated out of the back of his father's tire shop located in Texas and you can see how many people were predicting the business's failure before it had even started.
By 2001, COBB Tuning had not only survived but was quickly earning the reputation as one of the premier Subaru performance shops in the country through innovation and success at the race track. The WRX model came to America in March, opening new doors and validating the decision for starting a performance business focused solely on Subaru vehicles. New business opportunities also meant growing pains as the still small company struggled to come to grips with success.
More about COBB Tuning company you can find on site: COBB Tuning.
Here important thing is that in 2004 COBB debuts AccessPORT, a handheld ECU programmer. The first and only ever made for Subaru vehicles. Also the first ever made for any vehicle that allowed users to update via the Internet. First with Realtime map technology.
In 2006 COBB released second generation AccessPORT for the Subaru platform, and in 2007 introduced MazdaSpeed3 Suspension and Power performance options.
AccessPORT for the Mazdaspeed3 was released in May 2008. Also in 2008 was released AccessTUNER Race software for Subaru, Mitsubishi EVO 8, EVO 9 and Mazda RX-8. AccessTUNER Pro tuning software was released for the Mazda RX-8, Mitsubishi EVO X, and the Nissan GT-R (a world first).
Through a successful Time Attack racing program, COBB has proven to be a top tier tuning company in both the US and across the world. The COBB Mazdaspeed3 won every event it entered, save one. The COBB GT-R Time Attack program generated huge interest and excited spectators with the awesome potential of this platform.
AccessPORT firmware was improved throughout 2008 by implementing new features and capabilities. New functionality includes performance tests (Dyno, 0-60 mph, ΒΌ mile), fuel economy, enhanced live data display with min/max memory, and datalogging.
In subsequent years, COBB developed new tuning parts, including for Mazdaspeed3. In 2009 came AccessTUNER Pro software and AccessTUNER Race for Mazdaspeed3 and Mazdaspeed6.
Given the company's reputation, very positive feedback from people who have already acquired the COBB AccessPORT and the availability of equipment, I decided to purchase this device and installation in DSHV. This paves the way for further tuning with the COBB or other manufacturers' components, as long as they are on the compatibility list. More about installation and possibilities of AP in next articles.