The first ride

Shortly after I settled the formalities associated with buying a Mazda, I went to my hometown to register it, and buy insurance. I do not treat a test drive as first, because Mazdaspeed3 was not mine yet, and I had a short time and limited opportunities to become acquainted with it. So I filled up the tank, warmed up the engine well and I drove politely in the right direction. There was no time to read the documentation, so slowly discovering options for on-board computer, radio, cruise control, etc.

How to change units on computer display

In mazdaspeed you have speedometer in miles per hour (mph) and odometer in miles. Also fuel consumption is measured in miles per galon (mpg). This is ok in United States, but one can change units displayed on dashboard to metric, when needed. To do this you need to:

Need For Speed - other editions

In previous entry I wrote that the Mazdaspeed3 appear in Need for Speed​​: Carbon. It turns out that not only in this edition, because the Mazdaspeed3 also appears in the following editions: NFS: Pro Street, NFS: Undercover, and NFS: World .
Quoting NFS Wiki:
"The Mazdaspeed3 has been available since the Beta stage of World. It no longer has a strong acceleration like seen in Undercover and a higher top speed than the Nissan Silvia.

How I purchased Mazdaspeed3

In February 2011 I bought used Audi A3 Sportback quattro, 2.0 TDI, 140 HP. I drove this car for 4 months until it was stolen. I waited 3 months for the payment of compensation from insurance company, and then I began searching for Audi A3 or A4 with quattro of course. But Polish market is very specific, there are many offers where used cars are imported from abroad, and many of them are after crash. It is hard to find a good car, because seller always said, that his/her vehicle is in very good condition, did not have any accidents and so on.

Table of codes and values in service mode

As I wrote in last article I put a table with codes and their values and meanings, which I created based on my observations:

code value action comments
08 oFF no data
12 oo speedometer test pointer to max, next to 60 mph (100 kph)
13 oo engine tachometer test pointer to max, next to 3 krpm
14 on (blinks) buzzer test on - buzzer on, off - buzzer off

How to enter to service mode

You will not find this in the manual, so probably not everyone knows that without any additional devices and without visiting Dealership you can test most of the indicators from the dashboard and change some settings in on-board computer. For example, I use this to change units of the fuel consumption from mpg to litres/100 km. It can be done "in-house", and the key in this case is code "60 d15". I will write about this in another article, first we need to enter to the service mode.

How to change temperature unit in Mazdaspeed3

Mazdaspeed3 with automatic air conditioning has external temperature sensor. To change the inside/outside indication on the display, you need to press the AMB button placed on the panel next to the rear window heating switch. As far as I know, this button is only available with automatic air conditioning, so in the manual you won't be able to find it. My car was imported from the U.S. and by default displays the temperature in Fahrenheit degrees. However, this can be changed and it is even described in the manual. Just do the following:


Turbocharged engine with a capacity of 2.3 liters for such a compact hatchback with front-wheel drive entails certain consequences. One is the need for appropriate differential, which is tame 260 HP and 380 Nm, especially when accelerating. The models from the MPS uses the limited slip mechanism TorSen and electronic torque reduction on the first two ratios.

Need For Speed: Carbon

Not every car owner can be proud of the fact that her/his car found its place in the classic computer games, which undoubtedly is Need For Speed ​.
In the tenth part of a series of racing game called Need For Speed​​: Carbon, produced and published in 2006 by Electronic Arts, you can choose Mazda 3 MPS (Mazdaspeed3 in the U.S.) from a tuned car list. PSP and DS Ninetendo version of the game was published as the Need for Speed ​​Carbon: Own the City.

Mazda3 - ancestor

The Mazda 3 (known as the Mazda Axela in Japan) is a compact car manufactured in Japan by the Mazda Motor Corporation. It was introduced for the 2004 model year, replacing the Mazda 323 Protegé and Astina (BJ Model). A more performance-oriented version of the Mazda3 is marketed as the Mazda3 MPS in Australia/Europe and as the Mazdaspeed3 in North America.


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