How to change units on computer display

In mazdaspeed you have speedometer in miles per hour (mph) and odometer in miles. Also fuel consumption is measured in miles per galon (mpg). This is ok in United States, but one can change units displayed on dashboard to metric, when needed. To do this you need to:

  1. Enter the service mode by holding the daily trip reset button and turning ignition ON (see How to enter to service mode)
  2. When "tE5t" will appear on display, release the reset button and press it few times to select "60 d15"
  3. When "60 d15" is choosen, press INFO button on center console to select appropriate setting (see: Table of codes and values in service mode)
  4. Press and hold INFO button to reset current value and store setting
  5. Turn the ignition OFF and ON


  1. 1 mile = 1609 m, 1 galon = 3,78 l
  2. 10 l/100 km = 23,52 mpg