Mazdaspeed3 or MPS gen. 3?

June 26, 2013 was revealed to the world a new face of Mazda 3. Designers scaled the heights and it becomes a very attractive compact, designed with a new Mazda's philosophy: KODO - "Soul of Motion". I like the exterior and interior design, which is entirely consistent. I also like the fact that the new Mazda has already known from BK model round knobs controls of air conditioning and they changed location of the control buttons on the steering wheel, which was surfeit in BL model. Quick and precise gearshift and centrally located "analog" speedometer adds character, LCD and digital speedometer adds modernity. There is not too many pictures for now, and you can not sit inside a car, so it's hard to tell, but I have very positive overall impression. I am also pleased that Mazda engineers did not give up the ecological (although it would be better suited "ecoterroristical") trend of reducing engine displacement and propose reasonable petrol engines of 1500 cm3 (100 hp) and 2000 cm3 (120 and 165 hp) and diesel 2200 cm3 (150 hp), and not some three-cylinder designs with a capacity of 1000 cm3 equipped with two turbines to even want to go. I think that for a car with these dimensions, the engine range is quite reasonable, and the two-liter petrol engine with 165 hp and 150 hp Diesel will be able to accelerate quickly the new "Three". Many sites writes already about the new Mazda 3, so I will not repeat, at the end you will find links to articles, and photo galleries.
As a Mazdaspeed3 owner, I am most interested if the engineers from Mazda Performance Series are working to design 3-rd generation of MPS, how it will look like, how will drive and which engine will be equipped with. Will it be known to the MPS owners 4-cylinder in-line 2300 cm3 DISI supercharged engine with 260 hp or a completely new design with better (I hope) parameters. How will the new MPS/Mazdaspeed3 look? Dual exhaust tip, rear spoiler, feisty bonnet with huge gap to direct air stream for Intercooler, 18-inch alloy wheels, lowered suspension, widened fenders? An artist named Theo Chin created a visualization of how the new Mazdaspeed3 might look like, please take a look at the pictures that I found on the site Do you like it? In my opinion it looks awesome!

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