Mazdaspeed3 Hooning - the beginning

This is one of my first videos directed and edited by me, so be tolerant ;)
I mixed up different views, effects, motions and so on.

AccessPORT - flashing map in ECU

After installation of COBB AccessPORT, you can change map in ECU. You need to connect device to OBD II port and choose Performance menu with use of up/down buttons, then press OK button to enter. Now you can select appropriate map and press OK to read description. At this point you can still witdhdraw by pressing Cancel. If you press OK selected map will be uploaded to ECU.

Installation of the AccessPORT in DSHV

December 7th I received a package with COBB AccessPORT. With great curiosity I began to unpack the box labeled AP-MAZ-002, which means it is designed for Mazdaspeed3 (2007-2011) and Mazdaspeed6 (2006-2007). Inside it was a little smaller, elegant blue box, which contained the AccessPORT device, cable with OBD II connector (to ECU), USB cable, installation instructions and a sticker COBB Tuning. Instruction consists of several pages and only shows where to find the OBD II connector.


Why tune a car that has a FWD and 260 HP under the hood? The answer is simple: because you can;)
So, after reading several reviews and consultation with colleagues, I decided to buy AccessPORT from COBB Tuning. COBB company is well known especially in the U.S. market, because sells hardware and software to improve performance of some Japanese and German car brands put on the U.S. market.

How to unlock on-board computer

Mazdaspeed3 / Mazda 3 MPS is equipped with on-board computer. Simply press INFO button for a while and you can read actual fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, average speed and the approximate range on owned fuel. But I found information that on-board domputer is not enabled in some versions of Mazda 3. Normally in versions below Grand Touring you have to pay for that, but for some reason it is trivially easy to unlock it. Probably this works on 2006 and later models, but why not to try this trick? After all, it will not explode ;)

Need For Speed: World - for free

Anybody want to drive a Mazdaspeed3 for free? Although only in a computer game, because Electronic Arts has released Need For Speed​​: World for free. Just go to, login or register an account in the EA, and install the game. Of course, not only the Mazdaspeed3 is available, there are many other cars, but my choice was obvious :) After a few races I took the car to the paint shop and repainted in silver color. Just remember one thing - once you finish playing, do not try the same on the streets.

Economy and ergonomy - Mazdaspeed3 on the road

Mazdaspeed3 is a hot-hatch, so you should not expect low fuel consumption. On the highway, with cruise control, I lowered fuel consumption to 9.5 l/100km (25 mpg). In the city my Mazdaspeed3 consumes about 13 l/100km (18 mpg). Now someone will say: "phi, my diesel consumes 4.5 (52 mpg) on highway and 7 (33 mpg) in the city". OK, feel free, but remember one thing: hot-hatch is not for cost-effectivity! ;)

Mazdaspeed3 / Mazda 3 MPS

The FWD MPS is based on the 5-door hatchback version of the Mazda3, rather than the sedan, and it features the same 2.3L turbocharged DISI (direct injection spark ignition) four-cylinder found in the MazdaSpeed6, although detuned to a still respectable 246 hp and 184 ft-lbs. of torque. Thankfully there’s a limited slip diff included in the package. In addition to the MS6’s engine, the MS3 also gets its six-speed standard transmission.

The suspension has been beefed up and is supported by extra bracing to improve chassis rigidity. Mazda estimates the MS3 will enjoy 60 percent more roll stiffness than the standard version. The brakes have also grown, with the vented front discs clocking in at 12.6 inches and the rears 11 inches.

The front end conveys the corporate “Zoom-Zoom” message with flared fenders draping 18-inch wheels, a power dome hood and that gaping lower grille. Out back there’s a large diameter tailpipe and roof spoiler, as well.

Service after purchase

I have a habit, which I use also for motorcycles, that soon after buying I change motor oil and filters. I think it is good practice because you never know if seller done this when he/she intends to sell a car. So if I do not have a clear confirmation in the form of a bill, I usually do not believe the assurances of the seller and will do a "new opening" that is, replace fluids and filters. I did it a few days after the purchase of Mazda.


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